Harvard Students Spend Their Spring Break in Service

While the mention of spring break conjures images of warm beaches and dance parties, a group of Harvard students had a different plan in mind for theirs. As members of the Phillips Brooks House Association, a student-led organization that fosters social justice, the students joined LifeWay Network in March for their Alternative Spring Break Service Learning Program.

Through work experience with the LifeWay Network staff and participation in workshops and events, the Harvard students chose a deeper understanding of human trafficking over sunburns and sand.

At St. Leo Catholic Academy, they assisted Lima James in educating eighth graders about modern slavery through role-playing scenarios. They learned about the global impact of human trafficking when they attended the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 63) at the United Nations, and they dove into political activism by engaging with front line leaders of the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

We were so glad to host them and can’t wait to see where their social justice action takes them next!