Safe Housing Program

Whether they have been enslaved for a few months or for many years, trafficking victims need a place that provides security and comfort for both physical and emotional healing. Our safe housing program is one of only two programs in the New York metro area providing safe housing specifically for both domestic and foreign-born women survivors of human trafficking.

What we do

We’ve offered short-term emergency stays to survivors since 2009 and have been operating long-term transitional safe houses since 2012, granting harbor to over 100 women from 34 countries thus far. These houses provide far more than simply shelter; they’re homes where survivors live in community and are provided with the resources they need to rebuild their lives– from the help of social workers, to mental health counseling, to legal support, to connections with educational and job training opportunities. After they leave the safe house, they can transition into an independent living arrangement within the community. On average, resident emotional well-being is greatly improved upon leaving the program compared to when they entered.




Optimism for the


PTSD Symptoms

Suicide Ideation

Feeling Lack of

*All outcomes are self-reported by the residents.

We are Ready to Help
If you or someone you know is being trafficked, please contact us. Women survivors are referred to us by service provider partners, who ensure that each of our guests receives the necessary government services to begin her journey to independence.

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