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Where We Go From Here | Episode 12

Marion Kendall, Executive Director, LifeWay Network

Listen to Marion Kendall, Executive Director, LifeWay Network, walk us through how her life experiences have shaped the leader she is today. Learning, listening, and trusting people who share their stories about human trafficking is one of the first steps in fostering change and healing, Kendall says. Kendall believes in the power of empathy and reminds us that one of the greatest indicators of success for organizations like LifeWay Network is seeing the people they serve thrive in their own lives: Where We Go From Here


What We Can Do With $450,000

Tori Curbelo, Director of Education, Training, and Advocacy LifeWay Network

It costs $450,000 per year to keep one woman jailed in New York City. It’s money – taxpayer dollars – that many agree could be put to better use. So the Nonprofit Finance Fund asked human services organizations that serve women involved in the justice system: What would you do with that money? Tori Curbelo speaks to how the funds can support women survivors of trafficking: What We Can Do With $450,000


LifeWay Network founder, Sister Joan Dawber, was recently interviewed on the podcast,

“In Good Faith.” Listen to the entire episode here


Nicky Hilton brings international attention to LifeWay Network with Daily Mail interview