Leadership Team

LifeWay Network achieves its mission through the combined efforts of many passionate and dedicated individuals who work together to build a world in which human trafficking is abolished and every survivor is strong, connected and free. Our work is supported by hundreds of volunteers, partner agencies, sponsors, and our committed board of directors.

Marion Kendall
Marion Kendall Executive Director
Jeannie Colangelo
Jeannie Colangelo Director of Finance and Technology
Twanna Warren
Twanna Warren Director of Safe Housing
Josephine Crisostomo
Josephine Crisostomo Director of Education

Sr. Joan S. Dawber


Since 2006, Sr. Joan S. Dawber, SC, has been engaged full-time in working to abolish human trafficking. As the founder of LifeWay Network, her focus has been establishing safe housing for human trafficking survivors in the New York area and educating the general public on this important issue. Sr. Joan’s contributions to the abolitionist movement have been lauded by numerous organizations, including St. John’s University, who awarded her their Caritas Medal in 2014; Pax Christi Metro New York, who presented her with the Sister Christine Mulready Peacemaker Award in 2015; and New York’s New Abolitionists, who named her as one of their own in 2014. A member of the Sisters of Charity Halifax, Sr. Joan is a former co-chair of the New York Coalition of Religious Congregations to Stop Trafficking in Persons, serves on the Sisters of Charity Global Concerns Resource Team, and is a board member of the US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking.