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Dear Friends of LifeWay Network,

This season is one of gratitude: it’s a time to reconnect with loved ones and count our blessings. We are so grateful for the blessing of friendship and support you have shown LifeWay Network and the women we served this past decade. No matter how long we have spent talking about it, human trafficking remains an incredibly painful subject to discuss, especially when we witness the personal stories behind the global issue.

The reality is that women who come to our safe houses have not felt safe sleeping in their beds, they have not been allowed to pursue an education or hobbies, perhaps no one has ever celebrated their birthdays or taken them on vacation. If they have been driven into sex trafficking, they have been forced to sleep with hundreds of men, often many in a single evening. If they have been pressured into labor trafficking, they’ve endured backbreaking work and had their identification papers and their wages held hostage by their employer. The physical toll is extreme; the emotional and spiritual toll is worse.


LifeWay Network’s goal is to get these women out of their situations and give them the tools they need to rebuild their lives and reclaim their self-worth. Our safe houses are not antiseptic shelters; they’re homes filled with a loving community. They are places where women can sleep soundly and safely, where they can pursue education and learn to garden or knit, where their birthdays are celebrated and their cultural traditions are embraced. LifeWay Network’s true goal is empowerment. We want to empower survivors to become the architects of their own futures and we want people like you to help them get there.

You have made ten years of confronting modern slavery possible. As this tenth anniversary year draws to a close, I ask you to consider donating now so that our work may continue and the network of people confronting human trafficking can grow. Your contribution is crucial to LifeWay Network’s growth and our ability to provide survivors with a healing home. Thank you for the decade of service you’ve enabled us to give — we are excited and confident about all that will be accomplished together in the next one.