Our Vision and Mission


LifeWay Network envisions a world in which human trafficking is abolished and every survivor is strong, connected and free. LifeWay Network joins the global movement against human trafficking by providing safe housing for women who have been trafficked and offering education about trafficking to the general public.

LifeWay Network confronts the reality of human trafficking every day by changing the future for women survivors through our Safe Housing Program and increasing awareness and engagement through our Education Program.

Since its founding in 2007, LifeWay Network has emphasized the power of collaboration in creating the slavery-free future we all envision. We believe in bringing people together to form a community and address a global issue with a significant local impact. Human trafficking occurs around us. It affects people in our neighborhoods. We must join together to end slavery today and empower survivors to reclaim a life of freedom.

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Our Values

When we as an organization must make a decision or solve a problem, we look to these values as our guide for making ethical choices and staying true to our mission.



We do the right thing and build trust in the pursuit of our mission.



We have a foundation of mutual learning, compassion, love, and accompaniment.



We honor the truth of survivor perspective and the impact of human trafficking as a global reality.



We persevere through risk and fear to achieve our goals.



We promote self-agency and foster personal growth to be our best selves.