A LifeWay House Reunion

LifeWay House ReunionLifeWay House 1 recently held its annual reunion, a wonderful chance for previous house guests to come together and update each other on the ‘ins and outs’ of their lives since leaving LifeWay. For this year’s LifeWay House reunion, our devoted safe house volunteers also joined in the celebration. Bonds were formed that could not be broken simply due to distance. We thought it would be great for our women and volunteers to spend some time with one another, all together.

The reunion started in the afternoon, on a beautiful October day. The sun was shining and everyone arrived in great spirits. The house manager, host community and current house guests prepared a feast. The volunteers came with loads of desserts.

The house was filled with about 40 people. We had about 7 previous house guests, two of whom brought their infant children. The room was filled with lots of love, talking, and laughter. We shared the afternoon getting to know one another for those whom did not know each other, reminiscing and ‘shooting the breeze’ as some would say.

Not only did previous house guests come, we also had the pleasure of having a former house manager, former volunteers, and a previous program coordinator share in the festivities. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

This LifeWay House reunion was such a pleasure to be a part of and witness, we will most certainly continue with inviting both volunteers and previous house guests.

Having everyone in one room spending time with one another brings the mission of Lifeway Network full circle. We are able to vividly see how impactful the host community, staff, volunteers and house guests are to one another and how much love and compassion is shared.

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