Education Program

The LifeWay Network Education Program seeks to raise awareness, deepen understanding, and engage others around the issue of human trafficking. We provide human trafficking presentations for school groups, faith communities and professional organizations.  We generate greater awareness through networking and participating in conferences on human trafficking topics.

Human trafficking’s covert nature is one of the largest obstacles to its eradication. We believe that spreading awareness and informing people about how they can make a difference is key to a future without slavery.

Educational seminars can be tailored to interested members of the general public or professionals who come in contact with survivors on a regular basis. Our human trafficking presentations range from short 10-minute introductions to half-day seminars. All presentations teach what human trafficking is, how to spot possible signs of human trafficking, provide information about the national hotline for trafficking, and offer suggestions for next steps. Presentations might also focus on particular aspects of human trafficking such as: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Labor Trafficking, Internet Safety, and Making Connections for Advocacy and Activism.

For information on scheduling a LifeWay Network presentation for your group or organization, please contact Lima James at or 718-779-8075.

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