Education Program


Human trafficking’s covert nature is one of the largest obstacles to its eradication. Spreading awareness is key to a future without exploitation. For over a decade, LifeWay Network’s Education Program has opened the eyes of thousands of people who now want to make a difference and end human trafficking.

Who do we train and educate?

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Social workers
  • Law enforcement
  • Mental health professionals
  • Students
  • Teachers and faculty
  • Counselors
  • Parents and caregivers

Where do we go?

  • Hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics
  • Human service agencies
  • Police departments
  • Middle schools
  • High schools
  • Universities, colleges
  • Faith based entities
  • Companies and businesses


Tailored programming includes:

  • Internet Safety: how to spot the risks of human trafficking on social media, websites, and other forms of technology. Some users may want to be directed to the best vpn for chrome to add another layer of security to their activity online.
  • Culture, Society, and Entertainment: how exploitation, violence, and commodification of women are glamorized and normalized; how to be sensitive to derogatory language and images when we talk about human trafficking.
  • Ethical Consumerism: how consumers can use their buying power to promote fair trade goods and ethical fashion.


  • Child Welfare: how human trafficking affects children of all ages and how we can better protect them, especially in child welfare systems and foster care
  • Just the Facts: clarifying myths and misconceptions, including the difference between smuggling and trafficking, different types of trafficking, who the traffickers are, and who is exploited
  • Human Trafficking Laws: national and state laws that protect human trafficking victims, current movements and advocacy around new laws
  • Healthcare: how to spot medical red flags, bruises, branding of victims, coached or inconsistent stories
  • Law Enforcement: how to spot unnecessary security features, red flags for law enforcement to be aware of when they stop someone or pull someone over

Whether you’d like to schedule a short 10-minute info session or a half-day seminar, we will tailor every presentation to meet the needs of your audience. All presentations teach what human trafficking is, how to spot possible signs of human trafficking, provide resources, and offer suggestions for next steps.


Want to get involved in other ways? Contact us to:

  • Collaborate on conferences
  • Participate in panel events
  • Host Alternative Spring Break Service Learning Programs
  • Provide keynote speeches

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