About Us

LifeWay Network Combats Human Trafficking

LifeWay Network’s mission is to combat human trafficking by providing safe housing for women who have been trafficked, and to offer education about human trafficking to the general public.

Since its founding in 2007, LifeWay Network has collaborated with agencies and social service providers to find a new way of life for women trafficking survivors. Since its start, LifeWay Network has offered short-term emergency housing, and in 2012 opened our first long-term transitional safe house.

LifeWay is changing the future for women survivors of human trafficking. Through our safe house community living model we provide a supportive and nurturing environment that helps them move towards a life of freedom and independence.

LifeWay’s work is made possible through the work of its dedicated staff and board members, and its cadre of invaluable volunteers.

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