Year End Appeal 2019

Dear Friends,

While gratitude is the theme of this festive season, I’m awe-struck at how much it permeates LifeWay Network as an organization year-round. In these whirlwind first months as Executive Director, I have been finding gratitude everywhere and at the center of all the relationships that are the soul of LifeWay. I could not be more grateful to be a part of all of this.

It’s especially inspiring that gratitude is the fuel that LifeWay runs on when the magnitude of the issue we are all confronting is so vast. Meeting the survivors in LifeWay’s community has given me an entirely new perspective on human trafficking. It’s easy to learn the statistics. But those numbers, no matter how large, don’t adequately convey the pain of a woman who was deprived of celebrating her birthday, sleeping in her own bed, choosing a fulfilling career path, or living without fear for her life. The loss experienced by the women we serve is far more profound than mere numbers could ever express.

Our goal is to heal the deep suffering of the survivors in our safe houses and prevent it from happening to others. This coming year, we’re becoming more trauma-informed so that every aspect of our programming is even more impactful. Every single safe house community dinner, art therapy session, beach outing, educational student conference, and United Nations panel presentation will be amplified as we work to end human trafficking for good.

You are a vital part of that work. When you support LifeWay Network, you’re supporting safe houses that provide a loving home full of celebrations, creative activities, and a dedicated community. You’re supporting our new mentorship program, Welcoming and Inspiring New Growth as Sisters, that provides professional guidance and a strong network for survivors living independently for the first time. You’re supporting an educational program reaching thousands of people across the tri-state area. When you support LifeWay Network, you’re a pivotal point in the cycle of healing.

I am so grateful for you, for the welcome you have given me, and for the work we are doing together. Please consider donating this year to make this new chapter of LifeWay Network the most exciting yet.

Donate to Our Mission

Yours sincerely,

Marion Kendall
Executive Directoror