An Inspirational Evening: Perspectives from the Community

The theme of our 2019 Event Towards New Life was the “Power of Community,” because community is both what we strive to create and why LifeWay Network was founded in the first place. Attendees shared their insightful perspectives on what this theme meant to them:

Waiting for the event to start

“Community is a sisterhood. Somebody who has walked with you, even if it’s a tough time.”  Jenna*, survivor and volunteer, WINGS planning and design team

The Event Towards New Life’s first silent auction was a huge success!

“It’s wonderful what Joan and LifeWay Network have been doing because everyday they are saving lives.”  Margaret Fitzpatrick, (Sister of Charity), President of St. Thomas Aquinas College in Rockland County

Catching up with friends, old and new

“Community is a sense of family. We give them the things they’ve never had. That’s why it’s very important that they know ‘this is your home while you’re here and we want you to feel as such.’  Home is normally a healing place, that’s why we keep it like that.” Twanna Warren, social worker, LifeWay Network staff

Enjoying the wine and hors d’oeuvres

“I think it works very well, because we have such committed people who are willing to give all to help others have a better life.”   Sister Ann Miller, RSHM

Freedom Award Honoree Lauren Hersh, Director of Safe Housing Elizabeth Falcone, and WINGS Mentorship Committee Member Nicky Hilton

“I had spent a day there (at one of the safe houses) and I had met some of the women and I thought it was so wonderful that they had this community. I wanted to use my network of friends and colleagues to pair up the women from the LifeWay homes with people in my network, having someone to help them achieve their personal and professional goals, to be a source of friendship, someone to go to the movies with, someone to go to for advice. I wanted to help create a program that made that transition for leaving LifeWay just a little more seamless.”    Nicky Hilton, volunteer, WINGS planning and design team

LifeWay Network safe house alumnae Helen* and Carmen gave powerful speeches about their experiences

The Power of Community Recognition: a full room of people working to end human trafficking

“LifeWay is one of our partners (in WWE) and we do a lot of work together. When we really need to amplify survivor voices, we look to LifeWay because they are doing extraordinary work with survivors”  Lauren Hersh, National Director, World Without Exploitation

Ending the evening with a tribute to Sr. Joan, at her last Event Towards New Life as executive director of LifeWay Network