Power Women of Queens: Sr. Joan Dawber Interview

LifeWay Network’s work to combat human trafficking is rooted in our belief in the importance of personal empowerment. As a model of inner strength herself, Sr. Joan Dawber was recently interviewed by Queens Public Television for their “Power Women of Queens” segment. This mini-series spotlights women who are making a difference in the Queens community and are role models in the work that they do and the lives that they lead.

Power Women of Queens host Luchia Dragosh was especially interested in Sr. Joan’s work, having written and directed a feature on the issue herself. After learning more about Sr. Joan’s history in combatting human trafficking and why LifeWay Network focuses on both safe housing and education, Luchia asked for the proudest moment in Sr. Joan’s career. Sr. Joan responded, beaming, “It was from the very beginning, when our first woman walked through the door of the safe house. And she just stood there and her eyes just popped right out of her head and she said, ‘It’s a home! It’s a real home!’ That was for me, just so wonderful…she just stood against the wall and actually slid down the wall and sat on the floor. She was amazed, just amazed.”

To see this moment and the rest of the wonderful conversation between Luchia and Sr. Joan, click on the image below.