Carmen, a survivor, embraces a new future as she weds

Carmen-Luis-WeddingCongratulations, Carmen and Luis!

We were so happy for the beautiful and beaming bride as she wed Luis at Brooklyn Federal Court earlier this month. The LifeWay Network staff who attended were thrilled to be sharing this joyous day with the couple, their friends and family.

In 2014, Carmen was at the Court to bravely testify at the sentencing of her traffickers. Now, she was returning as she and Luis were about to embrace their new future together.

Judge Pamela Chen, who prosecuted Carmen’s traffickers, officiated at her nuptials, praising her “indomitable will to thrive and be happy,”  adding “Carmen’s ability to transcend her prior experiences is breathtaking.”

A surprise gift for Carmen on her wedding day: her pro bono lawyer presented her with her green card!

We were proud of Carmen when she so bravely testified against her traffickers; proud of her advocacy as  she was willing to share her story in order to help others, including speaking at LifeWay Network’s 2014 “Event Towards New Life;” proud when she was named one of New York’s New Abolitionists in 2014. And we were so very proud of her when she transitioned from LifeWay House to independent living.

Now, we are thrilled to see her embrace a new future, one filled with love and respect. As Carmen says “It’s really possible to move ahead. Nothing is impossible… My past does not define my future.

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