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safety planning for domestic violence survivors

Safety Planning for Domestic Violence Survivors: A Crucial Step Toward Freedom

Domestic Violence Awareness Month encourages collective efforts to break the cycle of abuse and create a safer and more compassionate world. Safety planning for domestic violence survivors is one important aspect.

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prevent human trafficking

A Back to School Guide to Help Prevent Human Trafficking

As the school year begins, LifeWay Network has created a...

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Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise, enslaving an estimated 40.3 million people around the world.

As many as 17,500 foreign nationals are estimated to be trafficked into the United States every year. The total number of victims in the United States has proved to be impossible to calculate, but experts believe it could be in the hundreds of thousands.

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Average age of entry into sex trafficking in the US


Number of states where trafficking has been reported


Billions of dollars made by traffickers per year


Estimated domestic minors involved in sex trafficking

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