WINGS Mentorship Program

LifeWay Network is building on its core strength of meaningful relationships and embarking on a new and exciting phase of program development, the Welcoming and Inspiring New Growth as Sisters (WINGS) Restorative Community Mentorship Program. Survivors are at the forefront of our programming and are critical partners in this program’s development. The WINGS Mentorship Program will provide continuity of support for the women in our Safe Housing Program, increasing their network and providing essential competencies for them to reach their personal and professional goals. We define mentorship as a team of people who proactively engage a survivor in an individualized and consistent connection through coaching and guiding. It is a strong, two-way relationship characterized by respect and mutual learning. Our safe house alumnae are still vulnerable after they leave our homes. Studies show that it can take 10+ years for survivors to start to feel like their healing process has begun when they are not connected to the right resources. WINGS aims to address the myriad of problems survivors face during this time. “There is a huge need for this as it will help tremendously for survivors to feel more confident about themselves and to be stable,” one survivor confirmed. We intend for this program, through trauma-informed approaches, to increase the survivors’ sense of safety and decrease their trauma symptoms. The program is centered around three overarching goals: (1) increased empowerment, (2) increased self-sufficiency, and (3) for all survivors to have no new experiences of exploitation or trafficking. LifeWay is collaborating with the Beck Institute on Religion and Poverty within the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. The Beck Institute developed the Restorative Community Collaborative (RCC) model, which provides evidence that intensive mentoring within a community setting has a positive impact on several vulnerable populations. Bringing this program to survivors of human trafficking for the first time with The Beck Institute as a resource and research partner leverages their success for our effort to implement a strong, evidence-based Mentorship Program. 

Interested in becoming a mentor? Contact [email protected]!