Human Trafficking in the News

-Gov. Hogan announces initiatives to fight human trafficking in Maryland

“With dozens of Maryland youths victimized each year by human traffickers, Gov. Larry Hogan on Thursday proposed new initiatives to fight the crime.”


-Report: America hasn’t done enough to protect immigrant children from trafficking

“In a scathing report which criticizes both the Obama and Trump administrations, the panel has determined tens of thousands of what are known as unaccompanied alien children under the age of 18 are in legal limbo because the Justice Department has not hired enough immigration judges to hear their cases.”


-New York State Legislature passes bill to crack down on child sex trafficking

“The bill calls for jail sentences of between five and 25 years and would mirror federal law by making it clear that anyone under 18 who engages in commercial sex is considered a victim of sex trafficking and anyone who promotes the exploitation of that child is considered a sex trafficker.”


-Survivors, advocates shed light on city’s lucrative human trafficking trade:

“Plymouth Church in Brooklyn is building on its rich abolitionist history by aiming to end human trafficking.”


Hundreds of illegal massage parlors fuel sex trade in N.J.:

“New Jersey has hundreds of illegal massage businesses that could be harboring victims of human trafficking and fueling the sex trade, according to a new report. The Polaris Project, a nonprofit that advocates to end human trafficking, found 373 possible massage parlors that advertised sexual services in the state.


Human trafficking: Rockland’s hidden secret:

“It starts out like just another day at the mall. A group of teenage girls is hanging out when a couple of older boys approach them and strike up a conversation. After a while they share contact information on their cellphones and connect on Snapchat. What could be the start of a new friendship could also turn into something dangerous.”


Texas Governor unveils new anti-trafficking initiative:

“Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday unveiled a wide-ranging new initiative to combat human trafficking and sexual misconduct that would increase pressure on people accused of sex-related crimes in Texas, including legislators and state employees.”