Join Our Team of Volunteers!

Volunteers are a vital part of our mission to end slavery and provide critical support to LifeWay Network’s safe houses, educational program, and administrative needs. We firmly believe that all volunteers are an asset to our work and our community, regardless of age, education, or background. Each volunteer offers unique skills and experience that strengthen our impact. This robust community of more than 50 individuals is committed to
helping us fight human trafficking in our backyard and globally.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? We’re looking for the following support in these areas:

  • Safe Housing: providing a safe, welcoming home for the women survivors living in our safe houses through tutoring, skill development, mentoring, and shift coverage
  • Education: Participating in the efforts of our educational outreach by spreading awareness and information about human trafficking
  • Administration: Assisting the LifeWay Network team with administrative tasks such as helping with mailings, building our database and other office support
  • Fundraising & Marketing/Communications: Bolstering our fundraising and marketing efforts by assisting with events and disseminating publicity
  • Supporting our mission in an area not listed above, depending on your interests, skills, and experience

We would love to have you bring your unique talents to the LifeWay Network team. If you would like to explore possibilities for volunteering, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at to ask for an application!

Current Volunteers Share Their Experiences:

“As a volunteer at the safe house, you can enter into their world. Their needs are beautifully cared for; LifeWay Network opens the door to a future full of healing for these women. As a volunteer, I open the door every day to the home that allows them to heal.”

“Volunteering in the Safe House has been very rewarding because of the wonderful people with whom I have found myself… One thing is certain. I have learned that trafficking is still a huge [criminal industry] here in the NYC and Westchester area.”

“Sometimes it’s quiet… Other times we may talk up a storm or help tutor with English… The program really works helping to empower women so they can move on. There are new people to meet all the time. One woman was from Ethiopia, and another woman not far from there. I was super excited to plan an outing to an Ethiopian restaurant! We all went and had a ball. But even in those quiet visits, when perhaps no one is home, we remind ourselves it is a tremendous service because it makes it possible for these women to feel safe knowing there is someone they can come home to who cares about them.”